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The following form will be used to find a taxi available for service fulfillment on the date and within the desired time range in compliance of days of rest.

Once assigned service, if possible, the data will be sent to your driver and will not be used for anything else communication between them until the end of the same in compliance with data protection law.

We note that online bookings require be in advance and a minimun distance of 10km away

Ex: 2016-12-27
Ej: avenida meridiana 4, barcelona
Ej: rambla egara 121, terrassa

If you want to book a taxi to pick up at the airport, port or train station, you must tell us as watching the flight number, ship or train on which comes to access as the law obliges us

Guarantee of trust

Barcelona's Taxis will not yield, will lend or resell your data to any other company, nor are used for no other cause than strictly engaged in this reservation request of your Taxi.