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Barcelona's Taxis

Legal information


Barcelona's Taxis is a consortium of self-employed licensed for public transport issued by the Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona. This site provides a method of direct contact between the users and components consortium streamlining the task of booking a transportation approved in accordance with the needs user by automating the process of choice depending on the requirements requested. Each component of the consortium has a license number visible and available in the vehicle used for the service as the current regulation governing.


All vehicles for the service Taxis in Barcelona are subject to obtaining a prior transport license issued and managed by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (EMT), which allows the user to certain that their service will meet the legality and low pricing and supervised a number of grants Rights


The fleet of Barcelona's Taxis gives the possibility to book their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when you need us, we are able to offer the service you need at the time that suits you, making your reservation in advance certainty that you will have a vehicle at your disposal.


The apply prices will be in force in the day service, operated by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (EMT) and implemented by taximeters approved of which Barcelona's Taxis makes use under current legislation, which gives the user the possibility to make an estimate of the cost of his service in advance, always conditional on anomalies that may arise outside the normal circulation of the Barcelona's Taxis, such as works, diversion of traffic events or Similar cases.

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